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  • “The Case of the Crumpled Knave” by Anthony Boucher

    I read Anthony Boucher for the first time back in January (only a few months before Tangled Yarns was born) with his last mystery novel, The Case of the Seven Sneezes, which features his primary series detective Fergus O’Breen. While it was fun in many aspects (the closed circle, the isolated setting, the cold case, […]

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  • “Goodnight Irene” by James Scott Byrnside

    James Scott Byrnside has been a name I’ve known for quite a while now. I really started to pay attention to him around the time I got back into mysteries during lockdown, and some of the blogs I then followed (and who I guess I now… co-blog with? I’m not sure if there’s a correct […]

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  • “The Problem of the Wire Cage” by John Dickson Carr

    So I’m back from a slight hiatus – spent reading more, um, “serious” literature – but I’m back with a until-now unread book from one of the giants of GAD, and a personal favorite author. I’ve avoided this one for awhile because I had read much about its various disappointments, mostly in the solutions to […]

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  • “The Bride Wore Black” by Cornell Woolrich

    Well, I started this blog a month ago to review Golden Age detective fiction and here I am four books in, and I’ve pivoted to noir. I suppose there is an argument to be made for whether or not Cornell Woolrich should be considered a Golden Age author or a more noirish, hard-boiled one. His […]

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  • “The Bigger They Come” by A. A. Fair

    Often times, I read some Golden Age novel in a quick zip over the weekend as a break from my more “serious” reading. But whenever my weekday reading is a fair-play GAD whodunit itself, I resort to less strictly clued crime fiction as my respite. Two of the authors whom I turn to most for […]

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  • “The Greene Murder Case” by S. S. Van Dine

    This review must begin not with a summary, but with a personal story. I get books from lots of places. Most of my new books come from a smattering of local bookstores; I only use Amazon if I can’t get it anywhere else. My used books, too, come sometimes from various physical bookstores, but more […]

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  • “Death of Jezebel” by Christianna Brand

    This blog’s inaugural review is, as I promised, for one of the most beloved whodunits and locked-room mysteries the genre has to offer. Christianna Brand’s 4th novel featuring her aquiline and personable detective Inspector Cockrill features many of the highlights of her oeuvre: a closed circle of suspects, emotional currents, devious clues, and yes, an […]

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  • Welcome to the World, “Tangled Yarns”!

    Hi there. For a while now I’ve thought about starting a blog where I can post my reviews of the Golden Age detective stories I read – not an original concept, I know, but there seems to be enough of a community for GAD here that I thought it would be worth it. I reviewed […]

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